Join Andréa and Me in the #NoScaleHoliday Challenge

I’m posting this a bit late, as the challenge started yesterday, but if you’re familiar with the “power of imperfect starts,” you’ll understand why joining in late could actually be a good thing!

So, what is this #NoScaleHoliday challenge I’m speaking of? Started by binge and overeating coach Andréa Lussing, this hashtag campaign seeks to help those suffering from disordered eating patterns ditch the “perfect weight” ideals this holiday season. But I’ll let Andréa take over here and explain what this is and how you can get involved.

My interview with Andréa Lussing

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Could you give us a bit of background into who you are and what you do?

Sure. My name is Andréa Lussing and I'm a binge and overeating coach. I work with women to help them heal their relationship with food so they can find the freedom and peace they've been looking for. 

I do this work in hopes of being the person for others whom I needed back when I was looking to overcome binge eating. I struggled with binge eating, overeating, bulimia and restriction for 6 years, and I draw on this experience, my life coaching tools, and to a lesser degree my certification in plant based nutrition, to offer the right information, tools, support and love to help women overcome binge eating.

What is the #NoScaleHoliday hashtag all about? What's the significance of it?

The holidays are an interesting time of year and they mean something different to each of us, but one thing that is a common thread is the increased attention toward food, eating and socializing. I wanted to offer support during this time to those who are struggling with food, but in a way that is light, uncomplicated, yet profound. Something as subtle as not weighing yourself can have a huge impact on your relationship to food and self. I know this to be true since having my scale taken away from me provided the spark for my own recovery journey. Once I was distanced from knowing my weight, I started noticing and getting fed up with the other behaviours that were keeping me trapped, and the ripple effect continued. 

The #NoScaleHoliday Challenge is all about freeing yourself from the burden of tracking, measuring and judging yourself based on the number on the scale, and instead connecting more deeply with your inner knowing and wisdom. There is nothing the scale will tell you that you don't already know, if you're paying attention. And that's the hope, that once the habit of weighing yourself is broken, you'll start paying attention to your experience in a new way. 

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Can you see any circumstances in which weighing oneself could be appropriate? Or is there generally more harm than good in all cases?

I laughed when I was brainstorming and journalling about this challenge, reflecting on the fact that I haven't owned a scale since 2004. Over the years I've noticed that there is one time where the scale is really useful, and that is for checking the weight of airline luggage to make sure I won't be charged extra. I always have to cross my fingers and check it at the airport instead of at home.

My opinion about the scale is that it does more harm than good. Most people use the scale not for general curiosity but to check in, or judge their progress. When they've been overeating, they check to see if they've gotten away with it or if they should make a plan to drop the weight. When they're under-eating they're checking to see if their restriction is working. It's action first, followed by confirmation or judgement from the scale. I believe that when we're truly present and honest with ourselves, there's nothing that the scale could tell use about the big picture that we don't already know. And it's in paying attention to that inner knowing and guidance where we can start coming back to being honest with ourselves and establishing a kinder relationship with self. For those who are currently struggling with food, the scale does more harm than good. 

How can readers participate?


The #NoScaleHoliday is simple a holiday from your scale. Readers can join in as soon as they'd like by making a personal commitment to not weigh themselves for the holidays. The challenge officially started on Dec. 21st, and will run until January 4th, which is two weeks. However the doors are always open to join in! Readers can follow my Instagram account for support during the challenge period and comment on one of my posts to let me know they're in! Any posts that relate to the challenge can be tagged with #NoScaleHoliday. Better yet, take a photo of yourself tossing your scale for the challenge, tag me in it, and I'll share it! 

If you could sum up the philosophy of your coaching in one sentence, what would it be?

I believe everyone can heal from binge eating, they simply haven't been given the information, tools or the right support needed to do so, and that's where I come in. 

“I believe everyone can heal from binge eating, they simply haven’t been given the information, tools or the right support needed to do so.” - Andréa Lussing

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Let’s get #NoScaleHoliday trending! Imagine all of those who are going to spend this holiday season valuing themselves through their weight and perceived measures of dietary “self-control.” A simple hashtag, reaching the right person/people, could make a world of difference. We’re in this together.

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