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Understanding the Binge Cycle

The binge cycle might just be the most useful tool in understanding why we binge and how to stop. Read on to learn not only what this cycle comprises but how you can personalize this to your needs and learn where in this cycle you need to get to work. This is a super important one… it’s the philosophy and conceptual model I have used in helping clients recover from binge eating and it very closely resembles what I went through and what the research indicates… so don’t miss out!

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Stimulant Abuse in Bodybuilding

In today’s blog post, we tackle an oddly hushed issue in the world of bodybuilding: stimulant abuse. This is something that was a large part of the disordered eating behaviors in my own bodybuilding history and is something I know for a fact loads of others engage in. Read on to understand why this is so dangerous and what to do about it.

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The #1 Reason You’re Stuck in the Binge Cycle

If you're going through binge-eating behaviors and are afraid they may never stop, or that nothing you've tried has worked, don't worry, you're not alone... I was in that EXACT same place years ago. But I ended up making a full and permanent recovery from my binge-eating. My relationship with food now is better than it's ever been, and I think the reason I'm sharing with you today could be a big piece of the puzzle in your own recovery journey!

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