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Eating Disorders: A Family's Experience

This guest post from Pam Nugent is as profoundly important as it is tragic. She describes the intense eating disorder experience her late son Laurence and her family had to go through. But she also leaves us with an incredibly important takeaway, about men with eating disorders and the importance of a family network.

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Join Andréa and Me in the #NoScaleHoliday Challenge

Join binge and overeating coach Andrea Lussing and myself in getting the #NoScaleHoliday word out. This holiday season, take care of yourself, spend time with loved ones, and learn to appreciate all that you have to offer. As it turns out, the scale has no part in any of that. Read my interview with Andrea here!

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5 Steps to a Binge-Free Halloween

It’s Halloween, the one day of the year that seems as if it were literally designed to trigger a binge. How do you possibly go about managing it without any restriction or “raw willpower” at all?

Simple. Just implement these 5 steps.

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