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What is Rumination Syndrome?

We cap off the six major eating disorders with rumination, arguably the least widely understood of them all. Though at first glance this might bear a strong resemblance to purging disorder, rumination is in fact a completely distinct phenomenon from purging. Its etiology and pathophysiology carry some important ramifications for the future of functional GI disorder treatment. Read on for an enlightening look into this nebulous disorder!

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What is Pica?

We are back again with the 5th installment of this series. Today’s piece dives into another eating disorder newly given its independent status in the DSM 5. Read on to learn what pica is, how it is diagnosed, what dangers it poses, why it arises, how it is treated, and much more!

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Eating Disorders: A Family's Experience

This guest post from Pam Nugent is as profoundly important as it is tragic. She describes the intense eating disorder experience her late son Laurence and her family had to go through. But she also leaves us with an incredibly important takeaway, about men with eating disorders and the importance of a family network.

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Join Andréa and Me in the #NoScaleHoliday Challenge

Join binge and overeating coach Andrea Lussing and myself in getting the #NoScaleHoliday word out. This holiday season, take care of yourself, spend time with loved ones, and learn to appreciate all that you have to offer. As it turns out, the scale has no part in any of that. Read my interview with Andrea here!

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Bodybuilding - The Glorified Eating Disorder

This picture only shows about 5% of what was going through my mind. I hated myself, was dependent on stimulants just to stay awake, and was terrified of the inevitable binge.

And that wasn’t just my experience… Read on to learn more.

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