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15 Myths About Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating sounds at first to be as simple as it gets. Just eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Here are 15 of the most pervasive myths surrounding the intuitive eating approach, complete with discussion on where you’ll hear them and what the truth really is.

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Can Intuitive Eating Ever "Go Wrong"?

The #1 response I get when it comes to intuitive eating is something to the effect of “If I were to eat intuitively, I’d eat everything in sight!” Today’s blog post addresses this concern and explains whether it’s possible for intuitive eating to ever “go wrong.”

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How to Deal with Post-Contest Binge Eating

The period after a physique competition can be overwhelming and intense, but with these four steps, you can sidestep all of that madness and return to normalcy!

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Bodybuilding - The Glorified Eating Disorder

This picture only shows about 5% of what was going through my mind. I hated myself, was dependent on stimulants just to stay awake, and was terrified of the inevitable binge.

And that wasn’t just my experience… Read on to learn more.

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CDR: The One Concept I Teach All My Clients

CDR explains why diets fail, why stress is such a key player, and how to avoid “willpower depletion.” There’s a reason I make sure to teach this to all of my clients.

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