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What is Rumination Syndrome?

We cap off the six major eating disorders with rumination, arguably the least widely understood of them all. Though at first glance this might bear a strong resemblance to purging disorder, rumination is in fact a completely distinct phenomenon from purging. Its etiology and pathophysiology carry some important ramifications for the future of functional GI disorder treatment. Read on for an enlightening look into this nebulous disorder!

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I'm the #9 Result for One of the Deadliest Google Searches

I wrote this article after realizing I rank as one of the top results for this one extremely deadly search. I can only hope to facilitate a very necessary discussion for the eating disorder recovery sphere with this.

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What is Binge-Eating Disorder?

Today we discuss the most prevalent eating disorder, binge-eating disorder (BED). While the binge component of this disorder is similar to that in bulimia nervosa (BN), there are a lot of important distinctions here worth reviewing. Enjoy!

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What is Bulimia Nervosa?

Day 2 of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week is upon us, and today I have for you another comprehensive review. This time, we are taking a look at the second most well-known DSM-identified eating disorder: bulimia nervosa.

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Athena's Eating Disorder Story

…this is a struggle that starts and ends with you. People can support you, but you have do this for yourself. And the only way out is through. So feel the fear and the pain. Let it all in, and then let it all go.

Read more of Athena’s courageous story, for motivation and appreciation of what people struggling through eating disorders are up against.

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